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Go Karting Prices

Kingston Park Raceway offers the best go karting in Brisbane with real race driver experiences on a professionally presented go kart track with long straights, fast bends and wickered chicanes. If you've raced indoors before and thought that was good you are going to love the speed and exhilaration you will experience on any of our 3 outdoor go kart race tracks.

We are Australia’s largest and most technically advanced Go Kart Hire & Amusement Rides. Our raceway has over 100 Go Karts and 3 great Go Kart Tracks to test a driver’s skills. Take a look at our extreme karting prices and check out the Le Mans Kart Track which is 1100m long and built to full international go karting standards.

To help you make the best decision for go karting in Brisbane you will find the karting prices on this page are divided into 4 categories which are based on the age of the drivers. We are sure that our different price ranges will help you to decde which category of xtreme karting you want to opt for.

With our unbeatable prices, we aim to fulfil the dream of many go karting on the Gold Coast enthusiasts who are keen for fast fun. So, see which of our price ranges suit you and get ready to have extreme karting fun at the raceway soon.

At Kingston Park Raceway you get the best go karts on the best go karts tracks in Brisbane.

14+ YearsAdult Karting - Extreme Karting & Best Go Karting Prices Guaranteed

Predator Karts (14 years+) - Max speed 60 kph on the Daytona Speed Track (705m)

2 x 10min Race sessions Power Pack $65
4 x 10min Race sessions Adrenalin Pack $95
6 x 10min Race Sessions Extreme Pack $125
3 x 10min Race Sessions Mid week special $75*

Additional race $25 when purchased for use on the same day

*Drivers at 15 years and 9 months can go up to Adult Schumacher Karts if taller than 1600 mm

16+ YearsAdult Karting - The Ultimate Go Karting Experience

Schumacher Karts (16 years+) - Max speed 70 kph on the Le Mans Race Track (1100m)

2 x 10min Race sessions Power Pack $75
4 x 10min Race sessions Adrenalin Pack $110
6 x 10min Race Sessions Extreme Pack $140
3 x 10min Race Sessions Mid week special $89*

Additional race $35 when purchased for use on the same days


5-10 YearsKids Karting - More fun than any roller coaster, here you take control

Kids Rookie Karts (5-10 years) - Max speed 18 kph on the Indy Track (205m Oval)

3 x 3min race sessions Power Pack $30
6 x 3min race sessions Adrenalin Pack $39
9 x 3min Race Sessions Extreme Pack $48
6 x 3min race sessions Mid week special $35*

Additional race $10 when purchased for use on the same days

*Drivers at 10 years and 9 months can go up to Formula karts if taller than 1200mm

11-13 YearsKids Karting - Side by side go karting action and your in complete control

Formula Karts (11-13 years) - Max speed 40 kph on the Monte Carlo Track (605m)

2 x 6min race sessions Power Pack $40
4 x 6min race sessions Adrenalin Pack $60
6 x 6min Race Sessions Extreme Pack $80
3 x 6min Race Sessions Mid week special $45*

Additional race $15 when purchased for use on the same days

*Drivers at 13 years and 9 months can go up to adult karts if taller than 1400mm

* Mid Week Special not available on weekends, public holidays and school holidays.

** We apolgise for the inconvienence but some tracks may be closed due to maintenance, weather and operational requirements. Please call us on (07) 3826 2255 before visiting to check if tracks are open.

*** See Terms and Conditions for specific details under which tickets are offered for sale.

We recommend that you read the Plan Your Visit Page

Before visiting the raceway check out the Plan Your Visit page as there are many helpful hints that will assist you in getting the most out of your day here at Kingston Park Raceway.


Please note that all tickets are sold on a per person basis and are not transferable. Take note of the specific driver requirements. All drivers will be required to hold a Kingston Park Raceway membership which is $5.50 p/yr. Drivers with shoulder length or longer hair should note the long hair policy for karting. All tickets sold expire at close of business on the day of sale.

Why choose Kingston Park Raceway for Go Karting and Amusement Entertainment?

  1. Kingston Park Raceway has been established for 18 years and has installed all the very latest safety and race technology available in the go kart hire industry. We have employed the industries most experienced engineers to design and test our barrier and track safety systems to ensure our customers enjoy go karting in a safely constructed race environment.
  2. Experienced safety marshals whose vast experience will provide you with an exciting and educational experience during your day at the raceway.
  3. Customer Service is extremely important to us and we have more staff on hand to ensure you have an enjoyable day.
  4. Driver training is always offered and our professional tack team will provide you many useful tips to improve your race times.
  5. There is a remote speed control system which slow the karts on track which is triggered when the yellow lights are flashing due to an on track incident.
  6. Sector Timing that gives you not only race lap timing to 1000th of a second but we also have 3 separate sectors on track that provide you with split times on every lap.
  7. To ensure we have an orderly return to the pits we installed an Auto slowdown system to safely slow the karts after the red lights have been deployed at the end of the session.

Important information for Patrons

  1. There are inherent risks in the use of go-karts. Patrons, by their participation, accept the inherent risks of which a prudent person is or should be aware. Patrons should consider this participation an exercise in good judgement and act in a responsible manner while using the facility.
  2. Patrons have a duty not to use go-karts when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Patrons have a duty to act with good judgement and consideration, both for themselves and others, and to refrain from behaviour which could affect their safety, the safety of other patrons, or the safety of the device itself.
  4. Patrons have a duty to obey all reasonable written, and particularly oral, instructions and warnings, given by the proprietors or operators of the facility, without objection.
  5. Patrons have a duty to use, as instructed, all safety equipment provided when participating in the use of karts. Patrons choosing to supply their own safety equipment do so at their own risk and accept full responsibility for any failure or non-performance of such equipment.
  6. Patrons of go-kart tracks have a duty to assist in any investigation of any incident they may have witnessed or in which they may have had some involvement and to inform an investigation as to any contribution from their own action.

Drivers with Injuries or Disability

To ensure the safety of all guests we recommend anyone with a disability, injury or pre-existing medical condition discuss their individual requirements with our friendly customer service supervisors before riding the go karts or amusement rides.

Kingston Park Raceway is wheelchair accessible and is proud to be the only track in Australia that offers guests suffering impairment to the lower body a custom built hand control kart, which is available by appointment.

IMPORTANT - Track Safety

Safety is our main priority and we want to make sure that your day is filled with action packed excitement and patrons are reminded that all instructions given by the track marshals must be followed or the remainder of your go karting could be forfeited.

Formula Karts and Predator Karts will all drive on the Monte Carlo and Daytona Tracks. However for safety reasons drivers in Formula Karts will not drive in the same sessions as drivers in Predator Karts.

The maximum number of Dual seat karts is 4 and the maximum number of single Kids karts is 10 at any one time in any Indy Track session.

Gold Coast Go Karting

Gold Coast karting enthusiasts have only a 35 min drive north to experience the true racing exhilaration in the powerful Schumacher karts around the 1100m out door circuit.

Brisbane Go Karting

Brisbane karting enthusiasts have only a 30 min drive south along the M1 into Logan City were you will get to experience the true racing fun 1100m Le Mans out door circuit.